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A boutique professional services firm

Ensemblex specializes in helping lenders launch new financial products, providing advisory expertise and accelerating the adoption of machine learning to improve business results.

Product Launch
Machine Learning
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Launch your idea with Ensemblex
Product  Launch

Innovation matters. Over 80% of consumers value a company that focuses on new ideas and customers are willing to pay more for it. 

But a good idea is the first step in a long road to a successful product. The biggest obstacle companies face during a product launch is lack of preparation.


Let Ensemblex lend you the knowledge of experience to make sure your company is ready to innovate the space and inspire customers.

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Getting to full Machine Learning power is a journey
Machine  Learning

Credit scoring made the lending industry possible as we know it today. Companies that completed the journey earlier generated outsized results. That journey required companies to understand new tools, adopt new controls, and implement new processes. 


The next phase of the journey presents similar challenges and opportunities. However, the accelerating pace of change and the complexity of machine learning mean that the stakes are higher. Ensemblex will guide you through the journey to achieve the benefits while avoiding the missteps. 

Business Meeting

Let our industry experience work for you


We work with organizations in a variety of capacities. to assure management, investors and the board of proper risk oversight. 

  • Fractional CRO: Ensemblex can provide a Chief Risk Officer on a fractional basis. 

  • Initial Assessment - Ensemblex will conduct a strategic review of acquisition, underwriting, analytics and servicing strategies to install a robust credit framework for your company to achieve its business goals.

A boutique professional services firm 

Product Launch

Machine Learning


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