Getting to full Machine Learning power is a journey.

We help lenders get there faster. 

The Last Journey

Credit scoring made the lending industry possible as we know it today. Companies that completed the journey earlier generated outsized results. That journey required companies to understand new tools, adopt new controls, and implement new processes. Lenders who lagged behind or made major missteps have been forced into niches or out of business entirely.

We provide comprehensive support to lenders at every stage in the journey to an ensembled model.  

For every project we build our team to ensure that we encompass any unique business circumstances. This helps us to design a model and implementation solution that allows you to drive business results as soon as possible with minimal business disruption.

We implement a machine learning solution in six months or less.






-  Develop a deep understanding of the business – context, policy, process.
-  Determine available data for training data set.
-  Receive, inspect, and clean data to create training data set.

The Ensemblex team has successfully deployed ML for a variety of lenders. We can do the same for you. If you are ready to experience the benefits of Machine Learning in your business, please get in touch at

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