Credit Models by Credit People

Ensemblex is a boutique professional services firm specializing in helping lenders accelerate adoption of machine learning to improve business results.

Meet our Principals


Decades of experience working as a team in both lending and machine learning. 

Shawn Budde and Mike Armstrong, the founders of Ensemblex, first worked together twenty years ago in the sub-prime card business at Capital One. Over the course of a few years they grew the profitability of the business by 60%+.

A decade later they reunited at ZestFinance to build the first consumer lending business using machine learning in marketing, underwriting and collections to drive industry leading loan economics.

They’ve reunited again to form Ensemblex bringing the power of their experience in lending and machine learning to lenders looking to add value across the full consumer lifecycle.

Investing in machine learning can bring lenders outstanding results across the customer lifecycle.  


reduction in credit losses for underwriting models. 


decrease in customer acquisition costs.


approval rate increase.

The Ensemblex team has generated great results with machine learning, but it hasn’t always been easy. Organizations trying to build machine learning on their own are investing millions of dollars, taking several years and running the risk of making expensive mistakes along the way.

The results we've been able to drive can be directly attributed to our decades of experience in lending and a decade of experience in using machine learning to solve real business problems. We partner with clients to apply that experience to generate custom solutions for their unique business challenges.

The Ensemblex team has successfully deployed ML for a variety of lenders. We can do the same for you. If you are ready to experience the benefits of Machine Learning in your business, please get in touch at