Fintech Firm

Fintech Accelerated by Experience 

Ensemblex is a specialty analytics partner for neobanks and fintechs.

The team at Ensemblex helps financial service companies accelerate innovation by getting new products to market sooner, implementing full weight machine learning models and leveraging decades of industry experience to manage risk and capture opportunities.

Light Bulb

Launch your idea with Ensemblex

The team at Ensemblex can get your brand new product to market or bring strategic coherence to existing tactics.
Fintech Consulting

The journey to machine learning

We partner with clients to build a custom solution that bridges our clients from where they are to where they want to be.

Machine Learning Consulting
Credit Consulting

Decades of experience in both lending and fintech

We work with organizations in a variety of capacities to assure management, investors and the board of proper risk oversight.