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Product Launch

Whether you are an established business looking to diversify your products or a fintech start-up entering the market for the first time, we'll help your product launch go faster, safer, and with greater cost efficiency.

Ensemblex provides clients with the orchestration leadership needed for product building: partner/vendor selection, product advisory, infrastructure, credit policy, underwriting, debt facilities, and credit management.

"As a founder, I knew I needed an experienced and trusted partner to bring my vision to life. Mike, Shawn, and the Ensemblex team exceeded my demanding expectations. They are a hands-on, get-it-done team who helped build all aspects of our lending business – product, operations, infrastructure, financials, analysis, debt – the list goes on."

- Rob Collins, CEO of Coign

In Just 2 Months:

We signed a bank sponsor and infrastructure partners for a new credit card.

In 3 Months:

We aligned new and existing strategies into a testing framework.

In 6 Months:

We launched an installment loan product with underwriting, servicing and portfolio funding.

Launch  Team to Accelerate 

Bank Sponsors

We'll guide you to the right partners at favorable pricing from our network of bank sponsors.

Operational Partners

From data providers, to LOS, LMS, and core processors, to servicing, we set you up with specialized support across the loan life cycle.

Product Specification

We’ll partner with you to design a profitable product consistent with your vision and value proposition.

Equity and Debt

We leverage our expansive network and deep experience to get your business funded.

Test Design

Our extensive testing experience will help you maximize learnings and optimize performance.

Credit Function

We build the credit framework to make your vision reality and keep your sponsor bank happy.

Connect With Us

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