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AI Credit Modeling

Automated modeling tools don't understand your business. Ensemblex does. Experience the power of customized, best-in-class AI credit models developed by industry veterans.

The Ensemblex Difference. Read how Ensemblex got a client back on track after their previous rollout of a custom credit model went awry.

Upgrading to AI

We developed and implemented the first AI credit model for an established U.S. auto lender, enabling a 13% increase in overall conversion and a 17% decrease in loss rate.

Overhauling Legacy Models

We built and maintain 3 ensembled AI models for a LatAm consumer lender in 3 different markets. Our models decreased credit losses by 11%, increased approved lines size by 21%, and increased customer conversion by 29%.

Building an AI Credit Model for Launch

We developed an AI-powered origination model in less than 6 months for an indirect auto lender launching in the U.S., which consistently outperformed industry baseline scores across the full credit spectrum.

Credit Models by Credit People

Proven Credit Expertise

We have deep experience operating lending businesses and were among the first to apply AI to credit.

Cost Effective

We bring expertise, not expensive proprietary tech. Ensemblex uses open source tools and available cloud software.

Balanced and Explainable

We balance performance with simplicity and never chase complexity for its own sake. Our AI models are compliant and explainable.

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