How Broken Is Your Model?

White Paper - May 2020

In response to the current crisis, many lenders are trying to figure out what adjustments to make to their current underwriting model. This novel Pancession requires a new solution. Our latest white paper provides a diagnostic tool, using real-time performance data, to help lenders assess their model performance. Lenders can then make adjustments to strengthen their model for the evolving economic environment.


Measuring Payment Shock

White Paper - April 2020

An extraordinary crisis requires non-traditional tools. We've developed a new report that quickly and succinctly captures the impact of delinquency, forbearance and other shifts in payment behaviors. This new report provides the clearest diagnostic to guide the urgent strategic adjustments necessary to navigate the current crisis.

Covid 19

Unprecedented Times

Managing through COVID-19 - March 2020

The current economic crisis is unprecedented in so many ways. For lenders, the implications are immediate. Find out what you can be doing right now, to respond to this crisis.

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