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Fintech's trusted

Ensemblex is a team of lending experts with decades of experience building and scaling credit businesses, from

industry leaders to high-growth startups. 

Product Launch

We empower lenders to build and bring products to market faster and more efficiently.


We help lenders to accelerate growth, mitigate risk, and develop world-class credit capabilities.

AI Modeling

We partner with lenders to develop and implement best-in-class AI models tailored to their unique needs.

Venture Studio

We co-found fintech companies with experienced entrepreneurs, accelerating their journey with capital and the best co-founding team in fintech.

Our Clients


We make a great team.

Operators turned consultants.

We can walk the walk. Our solutions are grounded in data and guided by pragmatism.

High competence, low ego.

Our goal is to find the most powerful solution, and we work dynamically to get there.

Impactful introductions.

We leverage our wide network to find you the perfect partners.

No cookie-cutter solutions.

We structure our engagements to meet your business needs and work with your team.

Our Founders

Shawn Budde and Mike Armstrong, the founders of Ensemblex, first worked together twenty years ago in the sub-prime card business at Capital One. Over the course of a few years they grew the profitability of the business by 60%+.

A decade later they reunited at ZestFinance to build the first consumer lending business using machine learning in marketing, underwriting and collections to drive industry -  leading loan economics.

They’ve reunited again to form Ensemblex. They bring the power of their experience in lending and machine learning to a wide range of clients, from startups to market leaders. 

Ensemblex founders Shawn Budde and Mike Armstrong

Connect With Us

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