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S1 Trailer

The Ensemblex Exchange Podcast Trailer

July 1, 2024

Thought-provoking conversations with credit and fintech founders, builders, and investors.

Hosted by: Shawn Budde

Produced by: Meagan LeBlanc

Theme Music by: Brad Frank


Hi, I’m Shawn Budde, co-founder of Ensemblex, a team of lending experts who scale and grow fintechs. Through my work, I meet passionate, knowledgeable, and interesting people around the world, so I’m inviting these leaders to share their stories and their expertise.

We’ll discuss the good:

“The folks directly out of universities were fantastic and incredibly enthusiastic, incredibly talented, incredibly polite.”

The bad:

“So, all those ACHs showed up at our partner banks, Fed operating account, and it took their account negative over $13 billion.”

And the bizarre:

“So I got an air mattress and put a blanket on it and I Googled monkeys for hire.”

We’ll hear their best stories, hard-earned wisdom, and practical advice. Starting this summer, tune in to The Ensemblex Exchange Podcast on all major platforms. I hope you’ll join us.

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